VITALDIN Multivitamin Kids Gummies - Dietary Supplement for Children - 11 Vitamins & Minerals


About this item

  • What are vitamins? Vitamins are substances that our body needs to grow and develop normally. They are present in food and each of the vitamins has a specific function in our body. With Vitaldin for children, you will delight the little ones and at the same time ensure their health and well-being
  • Helps to get fatigue and exhaustion in control. Vitaldin rubbers are enriched with 11 essential vitamins and minerals. Each daily dose (2 per day) helps to reduce fatigue and exhaustion and protect cells from oxidation damage, as well as promote the perfect condition and growth of the bones, hair, nails and skin.
  • Supports the normal function of the immune system: the vitamins in VitalDIN rubber also help to strengthen the immune system of children, and contribute to the normal production of thyroid hormones and normal thyroid function.
  • Something good to do with Vitaldin is a pleasure. We are specialists in functional rubbers, i.e. specialists for you want to take care of yourself and it's time to take your daily dose of multivitamins, because now it comes in the form of a fruit gum. Vitaldin represents the perfect balance between health and delicious taste, so that the worry about you and your that is not imposed duty, but a routine that you will perform with joy.
  • Committed to quality: we carry out a strict and thorough quality control, confirmed by the various top quality certifications of our factory. Our quality certification has been received from independent and internationally recognised companies: BRC, IFS, GMP and OTC.
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