Tick Remover Set with Icing Spray & Professional Tick Tweezers

Type: Lice Bites
  • Easy tick removal - with kick the tick, you are ideal for removing ticks for dogs and people. The tick spray ices the tick and thus allows easy removal.
  • Long-lasting tick set – with the tick spray you can remove up to 40 ticks. The perfect addition to the tick collar for dogs, so you are optimally prepared.
  • Perfect for on the go - the uncomplicated tick set for dogs is ideal for home or travel. Store the tick remover easily in your bag and are ready to go at any time.
  • Effective technology – the patented technology from KICK THE TICK prevents the tick from being torn during removal. This reduces the risk of diseases.
  • First-class support: our team from Cologne is at your side for questions about tick removal, tick remover and tick tweezers for people and pets
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