Snoring Stopper

  • 👍 2023 UPDATED & USA DESIGN VERSION: Our anti snoring splint protects your teeth from the wear and tear caused by bruxism. It is a night and day splint that fits your upper and/or lower arch. Prevent snoring by stabilizing and moving the jaw forward to create an open airway with a mouthpiece while you sleep.
  • 👍 COMFORTABLE SAFE MATERIAL: Our anti-crunch splint is made from the highest quality thermoplastic on the market! It is made of hypoallergenic medical grade materials. In addition, it is BPA-free. Our devices are designed to have a custom fit that gives you a comfortable night's sleep. Say goodbye to toothache from endless grinding, reduce snoring, breathe all night.
  • 👍MULTIPURPOSE: Using our anti-grinding splint protects your teeth, helps you stop grinding and gradually reduces toothache, migraines, sleep disorders and all other consequences of bruxism. Snoring and obstructive sleep apnea are often consequences of bruxism. WagiSleep anti-snoring splint is not only very effective as a night splint, but also improves your breathing during sleep.
  • 👍 EASY TO USE: Unlike other devices, this anti snoring mouthpiece molds to your teeth for a personalized and comfortable fit. Simply place the dental device in warm water for a few minutes to allow the plastic to become malleable. Then place the mouthpiece in your mouth and bite to adjust the retainer to your teeth! Some mouthpieces have many steps to achieve the custom fit.
  • 👍DURABLE AND PORTABLE: The snoring stopper comes in a reusable plastic transparent box, the matching box offers excellent protection from dust and dirt, and the small form factor is easy to carry, make the product more durable.
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