Reading Cushion for Bed and Sofa

by Noffa
  • (1) Product information: Size: 62.5 x 56 x 32 cm. The width is 10 cm larger than the normal version. Weight: 3.3kg Package size: 19 x 19 x 36 cm. It takes 4 to 48 hours for the original shape to be restored. The pillow core is made of memory foam. The cushion cover is removable and washable.
  • (2) The NOFFA reading cushion is suitable for watching TV on the floor or for reading in bed. Comfortable, progressive inclination. Can also be used on the sofa, and you can even use it to put your legs up.
  • (3) Ergonomic design: based on user feedback, we have improved the normal wedge pillow. The curvature of the pillow adapts perfectly to the contours of the spine, allowing the back to relax naturally. We have introduced the wider version with the aim of adjusting a wider range of body types.
  • (4) HIGH QUALITY MEMORY FOAM: The entire pillow core is made of memory foam which provides more support than traditional foam and microfiber filling. They will not sink into the pillow. A whole piece of memory foam will not fall apart or collect in one place.
  • (5) Satisfaction guarantee: NOFFA cushions are certified by the EU Oeko-Tex. If you are not satisfied with your pillow, please contact us. An ideal gift for the holidays.
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