Portable Inhaler for Respiratory Problem

  • Efficient atomisation and uniform exquisitity: Hygelink advanced inhalation device uses new Piezoelectric mesh misting technology to form extremely fine 2 ~ 5 μm particles that can directly reach the respiratory tract and lungs. The mist rate is about 0.25 ml/min, the spray particles are fine and even, not easy to suffocate, easy to absorb. Suitable for cold, asthma and other respiratory diseases, enjoy free breathing all year round.
  • Ultra long battery life and lightweight portable: built-in 800 mAh battery with high capacity, the inhaler can reach 120 minutes of wireless ultra-long battery life. Without hanging ropes, it is small and exquisite, children can hold the hand easily. It weighs about 140 g and fits in any handbag on the road. The structure is highly integrated, easy to disassemble with a button. easier to clean and Disinfect and suitable for travel use.
  • 30 dB quiet and one-button operation: the inhalation of the inhalation device for children is convenient and simple, a key to start atomisation, the noise is less than 30 dB, as if the mother does not wake up the sleeping children. While you easily perform the silent atomisation at home, you can also enjoy cosy entertainment time. Don't worry about the irritability/resistance that can be worse by loud noise.
  • Multiple safety protection technology: Inhaler with intelligent safety protection function, water deficiency works immediately, longer service life. The contacts use an improved gold plating process that does not rust even in environments with high salt content and high humidity for a long time, and the electrical connection is more stable. Unique design of the 15° inclined floor groove, the remaining medicine solution is less than 0.1 ml and the Use rate is higher.
  • 【New updated accessories and widely used】Unlike the old model, the nebuliser mask is made of higher quality TPU material, which is safe and comfortable and fits perfectly on the face. Also includes a variety of accessories such as children's masks, adult masks, bite nozzles, etc., suitable for multiple age groups. Please note that distilled water, essential oils and viscous liquids are not suitable for use with inhalers.
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