Portable Inhaler Device

by Meowyn
  • The design of the nebuliser is very simple, making it very easy to use without reading the manual. The atomiser machine is pretty much a diffuser, because it produces steam, it has a metal plate that vibrates to the vapor.The atomiser can be small, but it produces a good amount of cool fine mist as much steam as the loud / bulky electric atomiser at home immediately after switching on.
  • Very quiet: the inhaler is small and handy, very quiet and has a good mist performance, so you can even have used it as the child has slept without it waking up. With this inhalation device, you can even run around or watch your favorite series without it disturbing it.
  • The portable inhaler nebuliser is so much more comfortable to use than an old compressed air device. The device is operated only via a switch, one pressure switch between level 1 and 2, a longer pressure switch off the device. Level 1 mist stronger, with 0.25 ml/min, level 2 with only 0.15 ml/min.
  • The inhaler nebuliser device has a built-in battery (not replaceable), which can be operated or charged by means of a supplied charging cable with 5V/2A power from a corresponding low voltage transformer (smartphone charger, USB sockets). As long as the device has been charged via the supplied USB cable, it can therefore be used unhindered in bed, in front of the laptop or on the go without being connected to a power source.
  • This is a portable inhaler suitable for children and adults or even animals. The device comes with two face masks (small each for children and large for adults) as well as a mouthpiece, depending on how you want to inhale.
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