Mollers CLO

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  • Quality: highest purity, therefore ideal for women during pregnancy and for children. One teaspoon covers the daily Omega 3 requirements. Möller's cod liver oil is completely natural and sustainable as well as without lactose, gluten and without the use of genetic engineering.
  • Essential vitamins: cod liver oil contains natural elements that contribute to a natural and healthy body. Vitamin A contributes to the development of cells and skin. Vitamin E protects our cells from oxidative stress, while vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of a healthy immune system and strong bones.
  • Important: all life long, everyone needs Omega 3 fatty acids to function normally. Omega-3 fatty acids belong to the family of fatty acids which the body cannot produce itself and which can be obtained from Möller's particularly strong cod liver oil.
  • Sustainable: Möller's cod liver oil is made from sustainably caught Norwegian Arctic cod from the MSC-certified fishing in Lofoten - one of the cleanest waters in the world. Our products are subject to the highest standards in the world. Möller's Omega 3 cod liver oil is therefore a safe product due to its high quality and control at all stages of the value supply chain.
  • 165 years of experience: Möller's is a traditional Norwegian brand that has been producing cod liver oil since 1854 and is one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of dietary supplements in Scandinavia. Thanks to many years of experience and constant modernization, Möller's achieves the highest quality and purity so that you can feel safe and healthy.

    fire MOLLER'S
    flavour Lemon
    Unit count 250.0 milliliters
    Item form liquid
    Item weight 250 grams
    Item dimensions L x W x H 18 x 8 x 5 centimetres

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