Pill Box 32 Days

Type: Pill box

About this item

  • Charge a monthly medicine at once: Very practical 30-day pill organiser, put the pills for a whole month 32 days in advance in this monthly pill organiser instead of having to do this every 7 days or 4 weeks. A great time-saving!
  • BPA-free: this monthly pill organiser twice a day, robust and durable, is made of healthy PP and ABS materials in food grade - non-toxic, odourless, strong and healthy for storing medications, value for reusability, durable up to 30 days pill organiser
  • Extra large capacity: each individual box has two compartments, so that there is enough space for your pills, no fear of stuffing many medicines at once, which is really suitable for those who regularly need to take several medications.
  • Perfect for travelling: take your medication with you to work, travel or just to run errands. The size of the pods makes them easy to fit in your pocket, handbag or bag without being small enough to be misplaced.
  • Easy to disassemble and use: simply apply pressure from the bottom of the tray. The capsules snap into the compartment when properly inserted.
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