Medical Disinfectant Wipes

by SOS
Type: Hygiene
  • MEDICAL USE - The sterile packed wipes effectively disinfect small surfaces of alcohol-resistant medical products such as injection pens including accessories.
  • For skin and hand disinfection - The disinfectant wipes soaked with 70% iso-propanol are also suitable for disinfecting healthy skin, for example before injections.
  • For the home pharmacy - As part of the home pharmacy, the sterile disinfectant wipes are always at hand and eliminate 99.99% of viruses*, bacteria and fungi.
  • Ideal for on the go - For ideal handling on the go, the practical cloths are individually packed and are suitable for disinfecting hands and skin.
  • Box contents: SOS medical disinfectant wipes, for quick disinfection of medical devices and cleaning healthy skin, disinfectant with 70% iso-propanol solution, 1 x 20 wipes
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