Kanzy Vitamin E Oil Organic Drops for Cosmetics 60 ml 100% Natural Vitamin E Oil d-Alpha-tocopherol, Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Ageing, Pure

by Kanzy
Type: Vitamin E

About this item

  • Kanzy d-alpha-tocopherol vitamin e oil is a plant-based form of vitamin e compound with natural avacado oil that can help you protect your skin from free radicals
  • Vitamin e oil face helps to regenerate skin, revitalise and provide it with moisture, promotes a fresh, nourishing and youthful skin, protects cells from oxidative stress, nourishes and promotes the growth of new hair
  • Vitamin e oil, rich in natural organic ingredients such as sweet almond, wheat germ, safflower, argan, apricot and avocado can help remove eye rings, anti-ageing to promote blood circulation and solve various skin problems that maintain the well-being of skin health
  • Vitamin se oil organic cosmetic or topically applied to improve the appearance of damaged tissue and to soothe your skin, wrinkles, crow's feet, stretch marks
  • Quality Assurance: We value every single customer. If you are not satisfied with our pure vitamin e oil, please feel free to contact us
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