Insulin cooler case (4 Pens/ 2 Ice Packs)

  • 【Portable】Portable insulin cooler travel case, easy to carry, TSA approved and luggage task is acceptable.
  • Great cooling effect: The insulin cooler can make the insulin to keep the temperature at 2-8 °C (36-46 °F) for 2-26 °C (36-80 °F) for 48 hours. even at an ambient temperature of 40°C. For special reasons, another emergency bottle can be filled with ice water. Then our insulin cool box can cool medication for up to 60 hours. Cooling effect better than insulin cooler bags.
  • 【Material】Performance better than freezer bags. Stainless steel cup body design, internal vacuum design, can better protect your insulin and medication.
  • 【Super Capacity】The insulin travel cool box can store 2 regular size insulin pens. It is mainly used for storing insulin and medications that need to be stored at 2-25°C. Effective protection of privacy. Best choice for travelling around the world and it was lightweight and fits well in your hand luggage bag or luggage.
  • QR Medical Tag: Directly to the profile, you can upload pictures, enter important medical information and change it at any time; scan the QR to display the information you have left, very practical, prevent emergencies, save life or retrieve items (click above/below the title on "Visit the DISONCARE Store" to visit the store and view other products.
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