Insulin Cool Box for Medicines Mini Intelligent Electric Fridge


About this item

  • The fridge cannot be turned off after switching on? You should accidentally touch the "AUTO" button. The touchscreen medicine refrigerator has a locking screen function to prevent you from accidentally touching it on the go.
  • How to solve? Press and hold the "AUTO" button for 3 seconds, the "LO" code will be displayed and enter lock screen mode. When the screen is locked, press the other buttons to show the "LO" code. Press and hold the "AUTO" button for 3 seconds to unlock it.
  • Large storage capacity: the cooled room of 180 x 79 x 31 mm offers space for about 3-7 insulin injection pens or 10 bottles of biological reagents or 32 insulin refills, and there is no problem with large growth hormone injection pens.
  • Packing list - medicine refrigerator x 1, carry bag x 1, built-in battery x 1, 12V car charger x 1, 220V European standard power cord x 1.
  • Suggestions - Please make sure that the insulin fridge is in a ventilated environment. If you find that the device or temperature are obviously abnormal, please refill the medicine immediately to avoid loss.
  • Super cooling performance: the medicine fridge uses a 12 V strong cooling chip that can cool quickly in 10 minutes and be cooled even in a high temperature environment of 32 - 38 °C to below 8 °C.
  • Worry-free battery life: 7.4 V voltage, 6700 mAh built-in lithium battery allows you to safely use it for 6-8 hours. When the battery is empty, it is equipped with a 20000mHA 9V fast charging treasure (5V is not good, an alarm sounds).
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