Hemorrhoid Gel

by N1

About this item

  • Haemorrhoids gel from the capots: N1 haemorrhoids gel is a medical device for external haemorrhoids, cracks, fissures and problems. Unlike haemorrhoid ointment, the gel consistency also provides a pleasant cooling effect.
  • Reduces irritations and pain: N1 haemorrhoids gel counteracts irritation, swelling, bleeding, itching, pain and protects irritated skin from contact with irritating fluids as well as stool.
  • High-quality and hygienic: thanks to the pleasant gel consistency, N1 haemorrhoid gel can be applied particularly well. It is very economical, has a neutral fragrance, absorbs quickly and leaves no residue or discolouration in the underwear.
  • Effective composition: N1 haemorrhoid gel is a proven medicine product from the pharmacy. It forms a protective layer with excellent moisturising and anti-inflammatory effect. This layer protects the anus area and restores the structural integrity of the veins as well as the normal blood flow to the anus area.
  • German pharmacy quality: N1 haemorrhoids gel can also be purchased in any German pharmacy and online pharmacy.
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