Haemorrhoid ointment

by Sos

About this item

  • Relieves pain - The haemorrhoid ointment relieves typical symptoms associated with haemorrhoid conditions (stage I): including burning, itching, pain, eczema or inflammation
  • Cools and soothes - The active ingredients contained in the haemorrhoid cream improve skin elasticity and have a cooling effect
  • Promotes wound healing - The application of the ointment supports the reformation of tissue and promotes wound healing and reduces scaring
  • Painless use - the enclosed innovative applicator ensures a painless application on the cleaned after before and after bowel movements
  • Box contents: SOS haemorrhoid ointment, pain relieving ointment for irritation and inflammation of the skin at the intestinal outlet, with innovative applicator, suitable for long-term use, 1 x 30 g tube
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