Full arm shower ptotection Kid

by Beans
  • HIGH QUALITY - This waterproof dressing is made of high quality medical grade soft plastic which is safe and does not irritate the skin. The sealing opening of the waterproof cast protector arm is made of diving suit material and highly elastic fabric, which effectively solves the problem of slight cracking of the sealing opening. At the same time, the water resistance is better and the pressure is lower so that your injured part can maintain good blood circulation.
  • Completely waterproof: this cast cover for shower children made of new materials can guarantee a 100% waterproof effect. Our waterproof cast covers will keep your casts, dressings and bandages dry. It is very suitable for arm surgery wounds, injuries and burns, protects your injured parts so you can bathe or shower safely and happily.
  • Easy to use: this waterproof cast cover for children is very easy to put on and take off, lightweight, hygienic and can solve your problems when putting on and taking off.
  • Size: the waterproof cast protector fits most children on the arm. Before you choose the size, please choose the right style you need: hand, short sleeve or full arm. Please refer to the size shown in the picture. The right size is essential for the waterproof seal.
  • REUSABLE - This waterproof armcast cover can be reused, saving you money. After each use, dry the cast covers with a dry towel to restore the original condition of the closure opening, do not use a hair dryer to dry.
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