Fixing tape Brown

  • Protect the glucose sensor: IKOOKI fixing tape is ideal for protecting glucose sensors and has been designed to provide comfortable and durable protection that protects the sensor for the duration of the sensor, avoids accidental bumps and keeps it adapted to the body. Compatible with Freestyle libre, Dexcom, Guardian..., any brand of glucose sensors and omnipod. This is a quality item made in Spain.
  • How to measure comfort: there are 14 sizes available for a better fit and it is made of high-quality elastic fabric. First, you need to measure the circumference of the arm at the height of the sensor and find your size in the measurement chart. There is one size for each 2 cm arm circumference, which makes the garment comfortable to wear and at the same time maintains the necessary fixation of the glucose sensor.
  • With non-slip silicone strap: thanks to its silicone band on the upper part, the fixing band does not move and does not fall off. The risk of sensor detaching is reduced.
  • Durable and reusable: the fabric is of high quality and does not stretch during use. Hand wash and air dry recommended. It is not waterproof, but many of our customers use it as additional protection during water sports.
  • Its design is trapezoidal and is adapted to the shape of the arm: ideal for everyday use, sports and all activities where the sensor may be exposed and dropped.
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