First Aid Case Including Wall Mount and Stickers

Type: Medicine bag
Feature Impact and shatter-proof, portable
Number of pieces 3
Age range (description) adult

About this item

  • Contents according to DIN 13157:2021: Our first aid case complies with the current DIN 13157 and thus meets all guidelines and obligations for companies as well as for public and social institutions. Our first aid case is also ideal for use at home. In addition to the DIN there are 4 stickers and a practical wall mount.
  • Round shelf life for 4 years: all sterile contents of our case are durable for 4 - 5 years. When selecting the materials, we have always paid attention to the highest quality, which means that the contents still have an optimal quality even after the end of durability. After expiry date the contents can be replaced with a cost-effective refill kit. You can continue to use the case, which also benefits the environment.
  • ✅ INCLUDES INSTRUCTIONS: If you need to go fast, the few remember the first responders course, which has been partially back for several years. For this reason, we have made a lot of effort to create a clear and informative instruction. Everyone knows what to do in an emergency.
  • Includes practical wall mount and 90° locking: even the best first aid case brings only something when it is seen. That's why we have included a practical and intuitive wall mount to our case. This allows the first aid case to be easily visible and visible. Thanks to the 90° lock, the case can also be opened in the wall mount and contents can be removed.
  • High-quality plastic housing: in an emergency, it has to be done quickly, so it can happen that the first aid case is treated slightly insoftly. For this reason, we have set the very best when selecting the plastic. This makes the first aid case impact and break resistant and all contents are well protected and always ready for use.
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