Extra Large Cuff for Adults with Upper Arm Size, 22-52 cm

Age range (description) Adult
Band size 52 cm
Product dimensions 17L x 10.5W x 4Th centimetres

About this item

  • Elera extra large cuff – suitable for an arm circumference of 22 - 52 cm, suitable for most adults.
  • Compatible design – The replacement cuff from Elera is equipped with 5 adapter sizes (4 cm/5 cm/6 cm/7 cm/11.2 cm), which are suitable for most brands of blood pressure monitors. Installation is simple and adjustable.
  • Fan-shaped design - For people with large arms, the fan-shaped cuff can be closer to the measuring point and effectively avoids the situation of the cuff being too tight or too loose, resulting in more accurate measurement results.
  • Comfortable measuring experience: Elera large cuff is made of high-quality nylon fabric and is equipped with non-toxic and odourless TPU air cushions, which are safe and environmentally friendly and can reduce mental pressure due to unpleasant measurements.
  • Please note that this package does not contain a blood pressure monitor. If you have any problems during use, please contact us at any time and we will definitely give you a satisfactory answer.
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