Cyclotest mySense Digital Basal Thermometer with Bluetooth - Ovulation & Cycle Tracking

  • Thermometer for basal body temperature with Bluetooth: the latest generation Bluetooth digital medical basal thermometer with 2 decimal digits and a short measurement time with the highest accuracy. It transmits temperature values ​​directly via Bluetooth to the corresponding app. The flexible tip is ideal for oral or vaginal measurement.
  • Birth control, desire to have children and cycle tracking: manage your natural & hormone-free contraception, baby planning or menstrual cycle easily with your smartphone. The proven Cyclotest algorithm determine ovulation limits and accurately calculates the women's fertile days and next period. You can also input cervix-mucus consistency (NFP). Alternatively, you can evaluate the result of an ovulation test (LH test).
  • Free menstrual cycle app: the app provides a reliable fertility, menstrual and ovulation calendar. The calendar features clear color codes so that you can immediately tell whether you're currently fertile or not. The cycle graph (which can be exported to PDF) and cycle history tabs provide detailed insight into your menstrual cycle.
  • Be sure: the algorithm is based on the Sympto-Thermal Method (STM) of Natural Family Planning (NFP). This method is based on taking temperature measurements when you wake up. You also have the option of entering your cervical-mucus consistency. Alternatively, you can evaluate the result of an ovulation test (LH test).
  • Innovation from Germany. The first menstrual cycle and contraceptive app in combination with a Bluetooth basal thermometer, developed and manufactured by a German company. Medicinal product classified with CE marking.
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