Xucker Bronze Erythritol 1kg Can - Calorie-Free Brown Sugar Substitute for Vegans and Tooth-Friendly Sweetening, Stevia-Free Erythritol

by Xucker
  • no calories
  • tooth-friendly*
  • without genetic technology
  • vegan
  • suitable for diabetics
  • for sweetening drinks and food

Tabletop sweetener based on erythritol with natural flavor; for food, limited use, with sweetener.

Xucker Bronxe brings the flavor of brown sugar into your home in a zero-calorie version! The sweetening power corresponds to about 70% of the sweetening power of raw sugar. The taste is mildly sweet and very similar to that of brown raw sugar. It is therefore very suitable for tea and coffee drinks. The flavor doesn't really come into play when baking, because you have to mix it with xylitol or sugar, otherwise it will crystallize.

Areas of application: Is very suitable for tea and coffee drinks. It's also a great way to sweetly coat nuts by melting Xucker Bronxe in the pan and then adding the nuts. Wonderfully delicious!

Ingredients: sweetener: 99% erythritol (E 968); Apple extract, natural flavor.

Allergen information: none.

Country of origin: France (erythritol). Bottled in Germany.

Source material: Corn from the EU, without genetic engineering.

Manufacturing process:  Fermentation of glucose from corn starch and subsequent flavoring.

Average nutritional values ​​per 100 g:

energy 0kJ / 0kcal
Fat 0g
 - hereof: saturated fatty acids 0g
carbohydrates 99g
 - of which sugars 0g
 - of which polyhydric alcohols 99g
protein 0g
Salt 0g


Note: Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect.

* Consuming foods/drinks that contain erythritol instead of sugar helps maintain tooth mineralization.

A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.

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