Portable Inhaler for Children and Adults

  • Efficient atomisation: the inhalation device uses the latest mesh mist technology, creates very fine mist of small atomised particles (2-5μm). They reach directly into the respiratory tract, ensuring a faster effect. Ideal for use with colds, coughs, asthma, rhinitis, bronchitis, throat catarrh and other respiratory diseases.
  • Adjustable atomisation rate: after thousands of experiments and customer feedback, we have perfectly matched the atomisation rates of both modes. Level 1: suitable for adults. The mist is large and sensitive, and the excellent atomisation capacity can achieve the desired effect while shortening the usage time. Level 2: Suitable for children or beginners. The mist is gentle, making the use of your child more comfortable.
  • Lightweight and portable and quiet mist: the inhaler is lightweight and compact, and is easy to carry for daily use such as at home, in the office or when travelling. Compared to conventional inhalers, the noise level is less than 30 dB, so you can enjoy a quiet treatment. Allows you to enjoy the benefits of a nebuliser while sitting or lying down. Automatic shut-off without liquid medicine to prevent dry burn damaging the machine.
  • 25 ml large capacity and low residue: efficient atomisation, no waste of medication. Inhaler nebuliser holds 25 ml medicine, minimal drug residue after use, smaller than 0.1 ml. The medicine cup is easy to remove and clean. With self-cleaning function. By adding saline solution and turning it on, the cleaning mode is activated, which removes medication residue from the misted tablets.
  • 【Extensive Accessories】Package Content: 1 × portable mesh inhaler, 1 × children's mask, 1 × adult mask, 1 × mouthpiece, 1 × USB charging cable, 1 × storage bag and 1 × user manual (English language not guaranteed). Everything can be easily stored in a small bag. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. Our customer service will solve your problem within 24 hours. Make sure viscous liquids are not suitable for use with atomisers.
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