Insulin Pens Cool Bag (Cherry-XL)

  • Innovative: thanks to patented cooling technology, the FRIO insulin bag lasts 5 times longer than conventional cooling elements. Simply place in cold water for 5-10 minutes, no ice packs required
  • Easy and comfortable: small diabetic cooler bag for 9 insulin pens. Perfect to take with you when travelling or on holiday. Keeps insulin cool for at least 45 hours at 37 degrees
  • Freedom: the cooler bag for insulin can be taken anywhere thanks to quick charging and handy size (21 x 15 cm). Keeps insulin pens cold for several days - no more restrictions
  • Patented function: the cooler bag consists of crystals on the inside that form a gel. The evaporation of the gel keeps the pens cool - reusable and long-lasting cold
  • Versatile: not only for diabetics with insulin pens: the medicine bag also keeps other temperature-sensitive medicines such as pinephrine, humira, ventolin and paracetamol cool
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