FORA 6-in-1 Bluetooth Glucose Monitor with 50 Test Strips - Accurate Blood Glucose Monitoring Made Easy

by Fora
  • Multiparameters: has 5 test strips and measures six parameters, blood sugar (BG), haematocrite (HCT), haemoglobin (HB), β-Ketone (KB), total cholesterol (TCH) and uric acids (UA). For people who want comprehensive monitoring of their health. *The set includes: once FORA 6 Connect meter (mg/dl) and blood sugar test strips, if you need to measure other values, you will receive the matching test strips here in our shop.
  • Easy blood sugar measurement and high accuracy - no separate calibration required, small blood quantity - 0.5 μl is sufficient, accuracy even exceeds EN ISO 15197:2015 standard.
  • ADVANCED GDA FAD TECHNOLOGY - GDH-FAD test strips eliminate the interference caused by oxygen fluctuations and non-glucose sugar, maltose and galactose to deliver the most accurate results.
  • Easier handling of the strip - Thanks to better absorption technology, the FORA test strip allows the blood sample detection from all angles, which increases the comfort of self-measurement.
  • Alternative Test Centre - Allows you to use a different part of the body than the fingertips to remove blood samples for glucose tests. Blood samples can be taken from the palms, upper forearm, calves and thighs.
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