Adia Blood Glucose Test Strips - Pack of 50 - Affordable and Convenient Blood Glucose Measurement for Diabetes Management

by Adia
  • adia blood glucose test strips (50 pieces) suitable for the adia blood glucose monitor - so you can control your blood sugar up to 50 times precisely and cheaply. The test strips are also suitable for checking the accuracy of the blood sugar measurement system with control solutions.
  • The adia blood sugar test strip requires little blood to measure sugar without prior coding of the meter, and delivers the result of your sugar value in just a few seconds.
  • Measure the blood sugar safely and accurately according to the latest quality standards. The test strip ejection button on the blood monitor facilitates the hygienic disposal of the sugar test strip used.
  • Without switching on the blood glucose meter, the device is immediately ready to measure after inserting the blood sugar test strip. The large memory allows you to store 365 blood sugar measurements.
  • The affordable blood sugar test strips from adia are available in different pack sizes: 100, 150 and 200 sugar test strips. These can also be found on Amazon.
  • The 4-language instructions (German, Turkish, English, Spanish) give you the necessary safety when handling. Free hotline in Germany if you need help.
  • Quality does not have to be expensive. The system is extremely accurate and is constantly checked. It complies with current quality standards.
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