FORA Duo 2-in-1 Bluetooth Blood Sugar and Ketone Monitor + 10 Ketone Test Strips - Accurate and Convenient Monitoring

by Fora
  • Suitable for: 1. People with Type 1 / Type 2 or Gestational Diabetes 2. People who'd like to rev up their metabolism with a ketogenic diet to gain an ideal shape of their body. 3. People who'd like a better understanding of their health, from the daily diet to exercise, or wanting to know if they are at risk of related chronic diseases.
  • Multi-parameters: measures 2 parameters, blood glucose (BG), β-ketone (KB), for people easy and fast, ready to go: just insert the test strips and you can get your readings in a few seconds. The starter set includes Fora 6 metres, blood glucose test strips 60 pcs, lancets 60 pcs, lancing device. The set covers the test needs of all kind of parameter test.
  • Accuracy: FORA 6 test strips can prevent maltose and galactose interference in blood samples, by using FAD-dependent glucose dehydrogenase (GDH-FAD), also can be applied to most blood samples, from capillary to artery, vein and AST. Using gold as material for our test strips, FORA 6 Connect is in compliance with ISO 15197:2013 / EN ISO 15197:2015 when comparing the test results to a laboratory reference.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: transfer data to iFORA HM smartphone app and get trends, statistics and other information for more comprehensive health management. Or if you are a German speaking users VidaGesund are here at your service.
  • Features: FORA 6 Connect saves your test results with time and date up to 1000 readings with (7,14,21,28,60,90) day averages on both AC (before meal) and PC (after meal) mode. 4. Daily alarm and ketone warning reminds you of what you need to be careful on your health. Strip ejection design ensures the hygienic process for every tests. 120 seconds power s
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