Beurer IH 26 Inhaler

by Beurer
  • The quick and easy to use nose rinse: For use in colds, dryness of the nose, problems with the nasal mucosa, allergic cold, dust load, pollen allergies, chronic inflammation of the para-nasal sinuses and much more.
  • The inhaler is a medical device and thanks to a wide range of accessories suitable for all ages (includes: A mask for children, teenagers, adults and a nose and mouthpiece for a perfect fit.
  • Among the most common conditions in colds are clogged, mucated or running noses, the effective inhalation therapy cleans the respiratory tract, prevents diseases and supports healing, also suitable for asthma.
  • For free nasal breathing, your well-being and your health: Using the compressor compressed air technology of the electric inhaler, liquid medication or saline solutions can be better distributed in the respiratory tract, the proportion of lung passing particles is particularly high.
  • Particularly child-friendly: Thanks to high mist performance (approx. 0.3 ml/min.) Thanks to the compressed air technology, the inhalation time is short, so little ones or even sick people do not have to sit still for unnecessarily long.
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