Beurer IH 18 White Inhaler with Compressor

by Beurer
  • Breathe freely: the inhaler is suitable for the treatment of the upper and lower respiratory tract and for use in a cold, asthma or other respiratory diseases
  • Particularly time-saving: thanks to the high mist performance of approx. 0.4 ml/min the inhalation time is short, so children or even sick people do not have to sit down unnecessarily for a long time
  • Effective inhalation: common complaints in colds include blocked and runny noses. Inhaling prevents diseases, cleans the respiratory tract and supports healing
  • Compressor Compressed Air Technology: The disinfectable, reusable inhaler works with the misting of liquid drugs whereby the smallest particles penetrate deep into the respiratory tract
  • The inhaler is complemented by a wide range of accessories: nebuliser, mouthpiece, adult mask, children's mask, compressed air hose and filter
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