Varta CR2032 Lithium Button Cell Battery - Reliable Power Source for Various Devices

by Varta
Type: Battery
  • 20 mm diameter x 3.2 mm depth, 3 V, lithium technology for energy performance
  • Premium product with brand quality
  • Reliable power source and durability for everyday use in various devices, such as toys, remote controls, car keys, electronic watches, calculators, sports equipment, medical equipment, body and kitchen scales, sensors and much more
  • Also known as DL 2032, KCR 2032
  • CR 2032 is the frequently used button cell for electronic devices. Other Varta special batteries available: AAAA, LR1, V27A, V13GA, V23GA, CR2450, CR2025, CR2016, CR1220, CR1225, CR2430, CR1616, CR1620, V28PX, V4034, V76PX, V6PX, V62262620. 5U, CR1. / 3N, V28PXL, V371, V394

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