DOSECONTROL Automatic Weekly Pill Box with Alarm - Electronic Pill Dispenser, Italian Dosing Models - Model 2021

Type: Pill box

About this item

  • Novelty in the Italian market: the most technologically advanced automatic medicine distributor model 2021 DoseControl at an affordable price, an intelligent dealer who can perfectly take care of your loved ones or nurse to connect to a treatment regulation and prevent overdose/double dosage of the medication
  • Reliable use and reliable control: timed dosage and reminder of medication, vitamins and other dietary supplements from 1 to 9 times a day thanks to strong lighting around the display and an acoustic alarm (3 volumes)
  • Wide and bright LCD display with 4 large buttons for easy adjustment: thanks to its size and brightness, the data on the display is very easy to read and is perfectly clear, there are 4 large buttons on the edge of the display for convenient adjustment of the time and alarm clock
  • 9 dosing models in Italian, made from durable material and with extra large medicine container: dosing models for the distribution of 1 to 9 times a day, sufficient for up to 28 days when feeding per day and at least 3 days when feeding 9 times a day; tablet tray is extra wide with approx. 28 compartments (each compartment holds up to 35 tablets of the size of a vacuum cleaner)
  • Robust construction, closure of the white lid of the separator and the battery, sliding door for repairing the pharmmos, all for a convenient function and additional safety: the distributor has a sturdy white lid to protect the medication, metal key for lid and batteries. Protection from unauthorised access. A sliding door in the opening that can be opened or closed
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