Service overview

Your items are machine washed at 30°C and tumble dried. No ironing is included. 45°C can be requested at no extra charge.

Service options

Mixed wash

We will wash & tumble dry your laundry as you send it, all colours together.

Separate wash

We will separate your laundry into 2 loads, lights and dark-coloured, and wash each load separately to minimize the risk of a colour run.

Suitable for

Everyday laundry that can be machine washed and tumble dried. Some popular items typically included are t-shirts, trousers, bedsheets and undergarments.

Do not include

Laundry that is not suitable for machine washing and/or tumble drying

Dry-clean only items

Bath mats

Any type of shoes

How to prepare for collection

If you are booking multiple services, please prepare all items for the Wash service in a separate bag. Your SofusandSavannah driver will tag the bag with the required service.

How you’ll receive the items back

We will return your clean laundry neatly packed, in a bag.

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